Product Introduction
  • High Power 8 Channel RF Wireless 433MHz Remote Control PT2260 Fixed Code
  • It has button be optioned
  • Chip: Fixed code 2260 or learning code 1527
  • Long range with printed antenna
  • Encoder IC compatibility list
  • FP527, FP1527, EV1527, HS1527, SCL1527, RT1527.
  • It can be used for Cars, Car Sunroofs, Garage Doors, Gate Doors, Alarm Systems, Heating Systems, Home automation e.g. Lighting and etc.
  • Frequency – 433.92Mhz/315Mhz
  • Materail – Metal and PVC
  • Operating voltage – 12V 23A
  • Transmit distance – 1000m (Open space)
  • Encoding IC – Learning code EV1527

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